IAMARICHBITCH at Privilege continues to grow into one of the biggest parties on the White Island!

IAMARICHBITCH at Privilege continues to grow into one of the biggest parties on the White Island!

Following the unprecedented success of IAMARICHBITCH in its first year in 2016, the hugely popular urban dance and music event continues to flourish at its spiritual home of Ibiza’s super club Privilege!

Despite the generally lower volumes of tourists so far this season, IAMARICHBITCH is pulling more crowds than ever meaning a surprise 2 week early opening of the Main Room at Privilege for the party.

Having so far this season been hosted solely in the Vista Club at Privilege, due to the unexpected volumes of revellers frequenting and selling out the party every week, from this Friday 14th July, IAMARICHBITCH will now be extending the party into Privilege’s famous Main Room.

Here hip-hop, Latino, Reggaton and Breakbeat DJs will join founder and resident DJ Ale Zuber in throwing one of the biggest parties of 2017 in Ibiza.

Ale Zuber is the much-loved and respected Italian urban pop artist who pioneered this movement and has already succeeded in taking the IAMARICHBITCH brand all over Europe and to the US, with the success of the party in 2016 coming as a boombastic surprise!

This week he will be hosting the Main Room alongside Lil Paul, Federico Kay and DJ Naike presenting a rare outlet for hip-hop, R&B, trap, carnival and beats.  Plus the most spectacular production to date with a whole host of international dancers, actors, acrobats, singers and scenography featuring an actual real airplane. You’ll just have to see it yourself to believe it!

Plus with the usual urban dance-offs and a crowd full of up-for-it party people getting down to the unique flavours of IAMARICHBITCH - get ready for a party and a sound that you just don’t witness anywhere else in Ibiza…

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